About Us

Our Philosophy

Well our philosophy is to ensure that while creating wealth we protect our capital, the most important resource to make money.
Vimal Srivastava has been a Pharma man for a major and most productive period of his life and after that went into Supply Chain. The hard fact of supply chain has always been to reduce cost, maximize profits and do innovation.
This Mantra of Increase profits, reduce the cost and grow the business has transformed me to achieve knack in screening and selecting the stocks.

Our Vision

Every one must invest and make reasonable profits which are greater than bank rate of returns.

Our Story

Started learning stock markets in year 2003 and initially was addict for Intra-day business, and after achieving very huge losses and wiping the capital earmarked for stock market learned that Intra-day business is not a sustainable module, one must stay away from it as is against business principles. In any business investment is most important factor, where as in day trading there is no investment. People are there making claims about intra-day earning however I neither am into it nor recommend the same.